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We are a group of healthcare professionals including consultant orthopaedic surgeons, managers, nurses, allied health professionals, software specialists and registry managers from all over the country. We are working together to build a National PROMs Network – a space where network members can share experience and best practice in collecting patient reported outcomes. 

The aim of the network is to encourage members to work together to ensure that they and their patients are getting the most from PROMs through accurately and effectively capturing information and then through analysis and benchmarking. 

In March 2019, interested individuals joined a workshop to explore building the networkand it was a stimulating day with great discussions from orthopaedic providers from across the country and guest speakers from organisations such as NHS Digital.

This has led to the creation of four sub groups of the wider network which will focus on the following areas to to help reach a consensus on the standardisation of PROMs: 


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